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July/August Trinity Music Digital Exams - How to check if your RESULT is out

7 September, 2020
Information about results for Digital Assessment Exams held this July/August 2020

At the moment results are being calculated by Trinity for the Digital Assessment Exams we had this July/August 2020

Note that results are not all published at the same time. 

To check for your result, you need to login again onto the portal where you uploaded the exam video, and click on 'Click here to upload exam video' 

First, a mark out of 66 or 68 or 80 is visible (depending on the type/instrument of your exam), along with feedback from the examiner. Then after a couple of weeks (6-8 weeks max), the final calculated mark out of 100 (saying if it's pass/merit/distinction) will be visible. 

If on your portal, it says 'not graded', then it means the examiner still has to assess your exam.

For more detailed information on how Trinity calculates the final result, click here:

Please note that the statistical approach being used by Trinity to predict the final mark out of 100 for the outstanding test elements is not a simple ‘scaling up’ of the score received for the pieces.