Welcome to our Trinity College of London Malta Music Centre. Here you can download application forms for exams and the latest exam fees, while staying updated with the latest closing dates and news. For more information, contact the Malta Representative for Trinity College Music Exams - Analise Mifsud by email on trinitymusicmalta@gmail.com, or call on +356 79411183. You can also check out our Facebook group dedicated for Trinity Teachers by clicking on the link below:

Malta Music Teachers - Trinity College London


7 September, 2020
At the moment results are being calculated by Trinity for the  Digital Assessment Exams we had this July/August 2020 .  Note that results are not all published at the same time.  To check for your result, you need...
7 September, 2020
I am now accepting applications for the November/December 2020 Trinity Music Exam session.  Practical music exams are planned for this winter - these will be DIGITAL EXAMS (details about these digital exams COMING SOON)....
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