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16 June, 2020
Stay updated with the latest news about Trinity Music Exams in Malta and Gozo

I am delighted to announce that Trinity Digital Assessment Music Exams are now available for Malta and Gozo, for the months of June and July 2020. These limited-time-only alternative exams include Classical Initial to Grade 8, ATCL and LTCL Diplomas, and Rock & Pop Initial to Grade 8.

Put simply, these digital exams will require your teacher (or yourself) to:

1) Record your exam pieces in one continuous performance using a mobile phone or camera (no scales, no exercises, no supporting tests such as sight reading or aural tests, no session skills for Rock & Pop – exam pieces ONLY)

2) Upload your video performance and supporting documentation onto Trinity’s online portal yourself.

Supporting documentation is a list of the titles and composers of the pieces you are performing; in the order that you are playing. For Rock and Pop, candidates should also mark their chosen technical focus song. Scans of pieces which are not from Trinity publications should also be uploaded. If this is not done the marking process will be delayed. You can find a template of this list available for download here; which you can use to fill in as required, one for each candidate/exam.

For candidates under 16 years of age, you will also need to upload a signed Parental Permission Statement. Form available for download here as well. 

3) Your performance will then be marked remotely by an examiner. You will receive feedback and marks on each piece using the same assessment criteria as for a graded music exam or performance diploma. Trinity will calculate your overall examination result, based on the marks given for your pieces and you will then be awarded your regulated qualification.

It is very important to read the adapted syllabus for these digital exams before you record/film your performance. There you can find all the guidelines to make sure you have a good quality recording. All information and syllabuses can be found on Trinity’s website:

Filming guidelines:


  • IF you have already submitted an application and payment for May/June exams, which exams were put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions, I am now asking you to confirm whether you would like me to convert your booking for this digital assessment alternative. I need to convert your booking by 17th July 2020, so the faster you let me know what you wish to do, the better. Once you have confirmed your application, an account will be created for you on Trinity’s online system. You will then receive instructions on how to log in and upload your performance video. Once you receive your login details, you have 14 days to upload your video and documentation onto the system.

To confirm you want to proceed with your digital exam, you need to send me an email on ASAP – confirming your students’ exam application details. Note that the account where you will be uploading your students’ videos needs an email address to be set up. You will be receiving all information, including your exam feedback and result on this email address that you need to provide me with. If for example, as a teacher, you have 5 students, you will receive 5 different ‘login details’ (one for each exam) – on the same email address. You will need to upload each of your candidates’ videos separately, one video on each account.

  • These Digital Exams are AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE who would like to apply for an exam this June/July 2020. Application process is the same as before - download your form from our site, fill in and write Digital Exams June-July 2020. Fees are the same as for May/June 2020, you can find these on our site as well. You can apply at the shop, or send me your application and payment online:

Send application form scanned to Payment accepted via:

  • Revolut (+356 7941 1183) 
  • BOV Mobile (+356 7941 1183)
  • Bank transfer: 
Analise Mifsud
Account No: 4002480168-5
IBAN: MT25 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 4801 685
Bank: BOV
You can also send application form and cheque payable to Analise Mifsud by post to this address:
Analise Mifsud
Villa Esilana
N/S in Valley Road
Iklin IKL 1802

I will need to have your form and payment earlier than 17th July, since I need to have applied for your exam by the 17th - so please send in good time.


To recap, Important DEADLINES are as follows:


You will have 14 days to upload and submit your video from the day you are given your log in details.

Kindly note that I cannot be involved in your performance videos. Recording/filming of these videos is the responsibility of the teacher/student/parent whose email address is used to manage the online account set up for you. Please DO NOT send any videos to me, asking for feedback or comments. Follow the filming guidelines on Trinity’s site, and upload videos directly onto Trinity’s site as per instructions.

I am of course here to help with any queries about these alternative digital exams. Feel free to ask, I will do my best to assist you.

A ‘normal’ music exam session is still planned for November/December 2020, if everything keeps going well. Plans are also underway for a November Theory, along with an extra Theory session in February 2021. More details such as closing dates etc..coming soon.

Thank you for your time and patience, and for your interest and support in Trinity music exams.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Analise Mifsud

Malta Music Representative for Trinity College London

B.A. (Hons) in Music, LTCL, ATCL

Mobile: +356 7941 1183